Accelerating Agent Success - Testimonial - Tom Cooper Powered by eXp

iamproperty is a really good option for agents to make more money, save time and to get more customers on your books.


eXp is a network of independent Estate Agents operating across the UK focusing on both Residential Sales and Lettings. We spoke with Tom Cooper who is the Director of his Estate Agency, Tom Cooper, which is powered by eXp.

Why iamproperty?

“I love working with iamproperty and have great relationships with the team. I work very closely with Yasmin and Tom from the auction team. Yasmin is my day-to-day coordinator, who assists in running the auctions and is there to help me really look after my clients.

“I also work really well with Tom who is there to assist me throughout the process. If there are ever any really complicated questions, he’ll always be there to walk me through them.

“I use the movebutler solution for my anti-money laundering checks, which gives me a comfort blanket and offers protection when running checks on sellers and buyers. I also use iamproperty’s auction solution which is a really good service to be able to provide to clients when selling their property.

“Having the movebutler and auction process together all under one roof means that you’ve got plenty of support there to really look after both parts of the business.

“Offering auction as another option to my clients is hugely beneficial, not only to me, but for my clients too. It offers me the security and the speed of a sale and also offers that to the clients as well. Being able to present auction as an option is just another tool to support in getting that instruction.”

Over to you…

“Working with iamproperty, the one thing that absolutely stands out to me is that it provides a different option for sellers. A lot of the agents in the location that I cover, do not offer this service at all, which is quite sad because the client’s never get to know about it. So being able to go out there, talk about the service that they offer and give them that information is fantastic.

“If you’re sitting on the fence and aren’t sure about iamproperty I’d highly recommend having a chat with them, getting some more information, and learning about the auction process.

“iamproperty is a really good option for agents to make more money, save time and to get more customers on your books.”

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