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This week saw the launch of our latest innovation, iamproperty CRM, which now sits at the heart of our market-leading ecosystem of solutions for Estate Agents. This follows a major programme of investment as we continue our commitment to transform the UK property market by pioneering next gen agency solutions.

iamproperty CRM gives agents all the tools they need to take care of sales, lettings, property management and accounts within one intuitive and flexible cloud-based platform. It covers all the basics you’d expect plus much more…

It’s the advanced automation functionality that makes this solution stand out, as you can chose from over 1,800 automations to drive efficiencies and streamline communications.


So, what’s new with iamproperty CRM?

Ahead of this launch we’ve developed some exciting new features and given our CRM a whole new look and feel. Plus, the ‘My Day’ dashboard, allows you to manage your day and workload in one place by adding records, viewing property details and searching properties.

But there’s lots more…

A brand new integration with Vision+

With our Vision+ integration, which includes HomeLet and LetAlliance, you’ll now be able to process reference checks directly within our CRM, reducing double entry and saving you valuable time.

All necessary documents and updates are now accessible from within CRM, allowing you to complete your reference checks seamlessly without leaving the platform. Read more.

New Inspections module

Our brand-new inspections module is designed specifically for Property Managers. It enables you to conduct inspections, check-ins and inventories within CRM, eliminating the need for third-party add-ons. This not only saves you time but also reduces the need for additional costs. Read more.

Streamlining appointment bookings

Our online booking functionality helps to create a simpler, more streamlined journey at every stage. So, you can convert leads, save time and optimise diaries. With online bookings you can create unique forms for booking or valuation which sync with your teams’ diaries. So, you can ensure you’re there for when prospective clients are looking for that next property, or are thinking about selling – so you never miss an opportunity to convert. Read more.

Switch CRM the easy way

A dedicated data migration and onboarding team is in place to make the transition from your existing CRM solution seamless, switching over in as little as four weeks, with 100% of your static data. We pride ourselves on our support, from the switching process and beyond, with our UK-based support team available via phone, email or chat. Find out more.

Get a personalised demo

If you’d like to find out more about our CRM’s features click here or you can arrange a demo with one of our experts. Alternatively you can see these features in action in our iamproperty Reveal event ondemand – Watch now

“After a lot of innovation and investment into our technology, our people and our business, it’s an exciting time to be launching our CRM offering. The solution has been developed in collaboration with agents, with a key focus on making their lives easier by automating their day, giving them everything they need to run their agency with ease today and into the future.

“Advanced automations will be a key benefit to agents, but it’s not just great technology which makes up the solution, agents will also have access to our experienced support team. We have a proven track record when it comes to pairing market-leading tech with brilliant customer service.

“As with all our solutions, we’ll continuously develop our CRM to ensure our Partner Agents stay at the forefront of the market and one step ahead of their competitors. We already have our next stage of innovations in flight and we’re very excited for the future.”

Neil Hope, Chief Transformation Officer at iamproperty

“We understand that CRM is key to an agents’ day and business, and it’s equally as important to us. It’s at the core of our ecosystem, which gives agents a single platform to manage their whole day, making their lives easier by saving them time and letting them focus on what they do best. It’s great to see iamproperty CRM out in the market as a key milestone of this ambitious innovation journey we are on.”

Ben Ridgway, Co-Founder of iamproperty

iamproperty is creating an integrated ecosystem of solutions, enabling agents to manage their whole day, with everything under one roof, one central login and one partner relationship. If you want to find out more, just book a demo with one of our team and we’ll be happy to discuss how working with us can help accelerate your success.

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