Stress-free Property Management

With all the tools you need to manage your landlord’s portfolios seamlessly. With property maintenance jobs and tasks in an easy-to-use dashboard, and streamlined inspections routing.

iamproperty CRM Property Management offers a streamlined and efficient way to manage and track property maintenance tasks.

The integrated dashboards for tenants, landlords, and maintenance companies, give full visibility of pending and outstanding tasks, with real-time progress updates, helping save time and streamline the entire process.

CRM - Easy reporting of maintenance jobs

Easy reporting of maintenance jobs

Report and manage property maintenance tasks directly within the Client Portal with all your tenancy information conveniently stored in one place.

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Quick access to outstanding jobs on your dashboard

From your dashboard you’ll be able to access all the ongoing works, assign tasks, track progress and request updates from contractors.

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CRM - Effective communications

Effective communications

No more lengthy phone calls updating multiple parties separately. Everything is recorded in the tenant, landlord and contractor dashboards so everyone is kept up to speed with the progress.

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CRM - Streamlined Contractor invoicing

Streamlined contractor management

Adding a new job to a contractor couldn’t be easier, with the option to add preferred suppliers or send the job to tender.

With the contractor dashboard, they’ll be able to keep all parties up to date with progress, and once the job is completed, upload their invoices.

You’ll save even more time as contractor invoices can be automatically attached to your landlord statements.

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Streamline appointment and inventory checks with the Inspection module

Minimise journey times

Minimise journey times

With appointment routing

Easy calendar updates

Easy calendar updates

Add a full day of appointment directly to your calendar

Reduced duplication

Reduced duplication

Notes are added directly into the tenancy record

CRM - Effectively and efficiently manage your property inspections

Easy management of property inspection appointments

It’s simple to manage all property inspections with our easy-to-use inspection scheduling and management tool. Our unique auto-routing function plans the most efficient route to carry out all your inspections, getting you organised and saving valuable time.

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