Connecting our ecosystem

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to integrate our market leading solutions together, as we continue to deliver our connected ecosystem vision. The first phase of this sees us integrating both Auction and movebutler with iamproperty CRM.

These initial integrations are designed to help our Partner Agents using more than one solution have a more streamlined experience, reducing dual keying and sharing more information between our solutions. The aim is to make the process of using multiple iamproperty solutions easier and give you better insights into your clients and services.

Reducing duplication

We’ve streamlined the process of entering both property and client details, reducing double entry. If you’ve already got a property and client on iamproperty CRM, you can now access these directly from within movebutler and Auction. All you need to do is select the property, enter any additional fields needed and select the client to import. Then the Onboarding or Auction process will continue in the same way. And that’s not all, there are additional fields, so you can see updates directly without leaving our CRM.

Streamlining Auction viewings entry

For Partner Agents using our Auction service there’ll no longer be the need to duplicate viewings information. For linked transactions viewings data will be automatically sent to your Auction solution every evening. So, you’ll only need to enter them one and we’ll do the rest. And any changes and cancellations will be sent through too, further reducing duplication and making the whole process more efficient.

Compliance status updates within CRM

You will now have instant visibility of the movebutler compliance status of a transaction within CRM. Once the property and clients are connected, the compliance status will be available within the transaction on the CRM. Meaning there’s no need leave CRM to check on the compliance status of the transaction – saving you valuable time.

Stay one step ahead, with our new compliance alerts

To help you stay one step ahead and keep everything compliant, we’ve added controls and alerts in this key area. These alerts will notify you if there are any missing compliance checks, and you’ll get a warning message advising you what needs to be done before the property is advertised. So, you can be confident that you’ve completed all the necessary vendor checks before you continue.

There may be occasions when your need to override these alerts, so in those cases, there is a full audit trail in place.

A single view of compliance status

With our new compliance report you’ll be able to see a summary of the latest compliance status for all the buyers and sellers on CRM. You can see the property address, contact details, compliance status and risk levels giving you the perfect overview, and making it even easier to get a full picture across all the live transactions in your agency – making compliance monitoring a quick and easy task.

Access compliance documents directly within your CRM

We’ve also made it easier for you to access client compliance documents from within CRM. There’ll now be a link available, so you can get to the documents without leaving the CRM.
Once your vendors are fully verified in movebutler, you’ll now be able to access movebutler documents from the property compliance screens. Providing you with all the necessary compliance documents associated with the client and property in one easy to access place.

movebutler and CRM are integrated together, meaning we don’t have to log on to multiple different platforms in order to do their day-to-day job which means that we can work smarter and faster.

Deborah, Operations Manager, Ewemove

The future of our ecosystem

We’re continuing to expand these integrations and have many more exciting developments coming up, to help streamline every-day tasks, freeing up time on admin and allowing you to concentrate on what you do best.

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