Speeding Up Buyer and Seller Onboarding

A Closer Look at movebutler’s Record-Breaking Spring Success


As Estate Agents compete to win instructions, offering vendors maximum efficiency within their transaction is essential. From streamlining transactions to exceeding client expectations, every agent understands that time is of the essence. This April, our end-to-end onboarding solution, movebutler, marked a significant milestone with the strongest performance month to date and a clear indication of a flourishing Spring market. Here we explore how movebutler’s record-breaking success is supporting Estate Agent performance and how it could accelerate your success.


Fast onboarding timelines

April was a record-breaking month for movebutler, with a surge in onboarded vendors that reflected the Spring market’s buoyancy. With 28,725 vendors onboarded, movebutler’s role in accelerating the sales process was demonstrated by more buyers and sellers coming in with 8.3 vendor opportunities and 6.4 buyer opportunities per branch in April 2024.

A buoyant property market has been reported across the industry with the number of homes for sale across the UK now at a five-year high with 20% more property on the market than this time last year, the latest data from Zoopla reveals.

“There has been a large increase in new properties coming to the market which is giving buyers more choice. This is also assisting the moving process for our vendors as they have more to choose from on their onward purchases.”

–     Sam Turner, Kivells (featured in The Negotiator)

The volume of opportunities is increasing for branches every month and is at its highest levels in the last 12 months. As a result, agents’ trust in movebutler’s ability to expedite transactions and boost client satisfaction is growing while we are simultaneously seeing evidence of the active current market.


Secure compliance processes

A standout feature of movebutler is its risk-based approach to compliance. In April alone, 26,108 Risk Assessments were completed, showcasing how branches can confidently generate instant results and guidance, allowing agents to build a profile and client risk level.

The success behind these figures is driven by a network of over 2,000 Estate Agency branches that have adopted movebutler as their preferred solution for seamless onboarding. This widespread adoption highlights the platform’s effectiveness in meeting the diverse needs of Estate Agents.

“I can’t recommend iamproperty’s movebutler enough for their exceptional support and collaboration with our business. As an Estate Agent, partnering with iamproperty has transformed our client onboarding process. By introducing a conveyancer early on in the sale process through their dedicated Onboarding Specialists, we’ve seen higher penetration rates of referrals and expedited legal onboarding.”

–   Matthew Smith, Thornley Groves


How movebutler can help your branch

So, what sets movebutler apart from traditional onboarding methods? The secret lies in its end-to-end approach, which eliminates the inefficiencies and bottlenecks of manual processes. From document collection to compliance checks, movebutler automates tedious tasks, enabling agents to focus on delivering exceptional service to their clients. By harnessing advanced technology, movebutler empowers agents to get their clients sale-ready faster, unlocking new levels of efficiency and productivity.


The current data paints a picture of a thriving market, with multiple indicators pointing towards sustained growth and stability. This bodes well for the year ahead, as businesses, investors, and consumers alike are likely to benefit from these positive trends.

Read more on how movebutler can help you accelerate your sales process with the power of end-to-end onboarding at: https://iamproperty.com/why-iamproperty/movebutler/compliance



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