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We’ve been busy investing in both our people and technology to ensure we are providing you with the best solutions now and in the future. We’ve made a lot of progress and I am excited to tell you more about the new features and functionality we’ve developed to improve your experience. Have a read of our key developments so far and recent product enhancements below.

I also want to thank you for your patience and continued support while we’ve been working in the background.

You're invited, to our exciting launch event!

You're invited, to our exciting launch event!

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You're invited, to our exciting launch event!

Key developments so far

Invested £250k in our tech infrastructure

To make sure we give you the best possible experience we've invested heavily in our tech infrastructure and put in place new monitoring tools and performance enhancements.

Introduced new product enhancements

Including Rightmove integration updates, the new My Day screen and Accounts module updates, with more coming soon.

Investments in staff and onboarding services

We've doubled our team in the past year, and invested in our training and onboarding services.

iamproperty CRM My Day

Introducing 'My Day'

Welcome to your day. This brand-new homepage makes managing your day a breeze.  From here, you can in one click add new records, view property management details, and search properties all in one place.

My Day is your go-to hub for staying on top of your daily workload.

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Easily update properties to Rightmove premium listings

We’ve made some improvements to our Rightmove integration. With a simple click of a button, you can now list a property from your CRM portal as a Rightmove premium listing.

This means your properties will get more visibility and show up higher in search results. Make sure to check with your Rightmove rep for info on rates.


View Accounts Module best practice workflows with our new guide.

Our new guide will take you through all the best practice workflows. Tips and walkthroughs are included to help you optimise how you use your CRM Client Accounting module. There is an extensive list of processes, functionality and reports included in the guide. Stay up to speed with the latest changes and workflows.

Contact us on 01865 860 871 to receive a copy of the guide.

iamproperty ecosystem of solutions Auction CRM Compliance Conveyancing

A Partner for Today and Tomorrow

At iamproperty, we create Next Gen Agency solutions to give our agents the freedom to do what they do best and accelerate their success. With an ambition to lead the market with our ecosystem of solutions, where our agents can manage their whole day, we are the perfect partner – today and tomorrow.

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