Tech Talk: How to use data to accelerate your success

Our Tech Talk webinar series gives you deeper insights into the subjects featured in our Tech of a Life magazine, and for Edition 3 we’re exploring how agents can make sure they stay on the front foot through competitive times by finding new ways to thrive and accelerate their success.

In this session you’ll hear from Michele Gettins, Chief Marketing Officer at iamproperty, and Natasha McDonough, CEO of MMC Research, about how data can be used to accelerate your success.

Data is a powerful tool and understanding how to use reliable and relevant data to our advantage is key to growth. To offer Estate Agents insight into how to use data to give clients what they want and accelerate business success. Michele and Natasha will explore how to use data, how data was used to grow the Modern Method of Auction, and how Estate Agents can build their own research and data projects.

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