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A Private Treaty sale is the most common method of residential property sales in the UK. However, it can often be an inefficient solution for vendors looking to complete their property sale quickly and securely.

A significant number of Estate Agents are now selling properties using the Modern Method of Auction (MMoA), which combines elements of Private Treaty and Traditional Auction.

MMoA provides an alternative to vendors and gives them the opportunity to sell their property in a transparent, secure and speedy manner. The fixed 56-day timescale* and unique offering of MMoA opens the service to mortgage buyers, creating a larger and more competitive marketplace, which drives increased exposure and activity.

The increase in MMoA for buying and selling is changing the face of the industry. It allows Estate Agents to expand their service offering and boost their cash flow through fixed completion times and faster.

Auction and Private Treaty

The Modern Method of Auction ensures speed with 56-day completion timescales*, compared to 100+ days for a Private Treaty sale, with committed buyers and fewer fall-throughs.

Auction and Private Treaty table


How it works:

  • Speed – Fixed timescales for a transaction, with a completion within 56 days* from when the contract is signed following the auction. This allows sellers and buyers to proceed confidently with all aspects of moving
  • Transparency – The MMoA process and bidding is visible to all involved parties. Buyers are provided with a detailed Auction Pack on the property before the auction allowing them to make informed decisions
  • Security – MMoA offers a completion rate of 95% compared to the current 70% rate of Private Treaty, with buyers paying a Reservation Fee or deposit at point of sale, providing all parties with confidence and peace of mind
  • Online – We pride ourselves on our innovative technology which is why we offer bidding activity online 24/7 via the iamsold platform, to suit the needs of today’s busy buyers and sellers

Benefits to

your sellers:

  • Access to a wider range of motivated buyers for their properties
  • The seller sets a Reserve Price to ensure a minimum sale price giving a level of security the house will not be sold below that value
  • Quicker sale of 56 days* to complete gets everything moving quicker
  • Buyer pays a deposit and signs an agreement providing more certainty vs. Private Treaty. Buyers are committed, so less likelihood of sale falling through
  • No sales, no sales fee
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Auction Hero and Boom

Benefits to

your buyers:

  • Both buyers and sellers work towards a fixed timeframe of 56 days*, allowing both parties to proceed confidently with all aspects of moving
  • Properties sold through iamsold have a completion rate of 95%, compared to the 70% rate of Private Treaty sales
  • Our fee structure ensures commitment from the seller, which boosts the completion rate for properties sold. For the buyer, this structure removes the fear of gazumping – one of the biggest issues with Private Treaty
  • The auction process is transparent for both the buyer and seller. We provide a detailed Auction Pack in advance so that buyers can proceed with confidence. All parties have full clarity at all times through a transparent bidding process

iamsold is part of the iamproperty group, offering end-to-end services to Estate Agents including auction, conveyancing, compliance and moving services all under one roof.

*Based on standard properties. From receipt of draft contracts

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