Q&A with our Completions Manager, Toni

iamproperty’s Completions team are responsible for progressing the auction sale from sale agreed through to completion, keeping all parties continuously informed at every step of the journey.

Using their expert knowledge they undertake all aspects of sales progression, alleviating the stress from our Partner Agents, and work towards completing the auction sale within a 56-day timescale*.


Q&A with Toni Barber


How long have you worked at iamproperty?

I have worked at iamproperty for just over two years now. I had previously worked for iamproperty, 11 years ago, back then we were only a small team of 20 and now a strong team of over 450 employees and still growing.


What is your role at iamproperty?

I am the Completions Manager. In the time I have worked for iamproperty, I’ve been promoted twice. I was initially promoted to Team Leader six months after joining, and more recently I was promoted to Manager of the full department.


What did you do in the six years away from the business?

I wanted to explore the industry a little bit more so decided to go into branch. I initially started as a Sales Negotiator, before working my way up to Valuer and then Branch Manager.


What is your career background?

My passion has always been in property and I have been in the industry since I left school. I’ve also done a year out in Dubai, selling houses. The property market there was a completely different experience, it was so very different from the UK.


How do you and your team help Partner Agents?

Once a property has sold and a sale has been agreed upon, it’s our responsibility to progress that sale through to completion. And by doing so, we must liaise with the buyer, seller, both parties, Solicitors and also our Partner Agents in branch, to make sure everyone is fully updated with the transaction.

We also ensure they overcome any obstacles or challenges that might occur, such as down valuations, structural issues from surveys- it really could be a multitude of absolutely anything!

I guess it’s all about being the middleman and mediator to make sure that everyone is following their own obligations and completing within the 56-day timescale*, which is  our utmost important objective.


What motivates you?

For me, my motivation comes from doing a job good. I like to know that I’m performing well in every aspect of my role, and to know that my team are hitting targets and performing to the best of their ability. I guess it’s success that motivates me, personal success and progression, and that extends to the whole department. I’m motivated to make sure the full department performs well.

Fundamentally, I absolutely love what I do. I love where I work and want to boast about the company as much as I can! Even after leaving my first role at the then iamsold, I still recommended people to work here. If anyone I knew was looking for a job, I would immediately recommend the company, and still do.


*Based on standard properties. From receipt of draft contracts.

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