Transitioning over from SDL to iamproperty: Castledene’s, Jodi Glendenning goes through their experience with us. 

Castledene is one of the first Partner Agents to transition from the SDL acquisition to iamproperty.

We spoke to Jodi Glendenning, Branch Manager for Castledene Sales and Lettings in Bishop Auckland to find out how their experience transferring over felt.


 How did you feel about the transition?

When we were notified of the transition from SDL to iamproperty, I must admit I was a little apprehensive, because, to me, any change usually means lots of issues. However, the switchover was seamless and problem free. Jack and the team were only a phone call or message away if we had any queries.


Have you and your staff had updated training with iamproperty?

Since the changeover, we have been provided with lots of useful training sessions. Each branch of Castledene is very different and also at different stages when it comes to sales.

Tom and the team have really taken this on board and have adapted their training and advice to make it very branch specific. They have provided us with lots of ideas on how to help promote auction and continue to stay connected regularly to see if there are any obstacles we are coming up against and provide advice on how to overcome these if we have any.

They also have the Success Hub which is a learning platform to keep us updated with our training needs.


How have you found the marketing support that iamproperty provides?

There is lots of value-added support that iamproperty provides. Their Marketing library has over 60 pieces of marketing literature we can request in our branding, to help us showcase auction better in branch and to our vendors.

When we first transitioned over, we were provided with a useful visual timeline, which shows the advantages and disadvantages of both private treaty and auction.  We use this on valuations to show our vendors the difference between private treaty and auction. This has really helped in enabling us to discuss the option of auction which has resulted in more listings for us.


Can you take us through what touchpoints Castledene have had with iamproperty, since the transition?

There have been many which have made the transition seamless, the key ones being:

    • There was an initial meeting with our Managing Director and Regional Manager to learn the values of our business.
    • A core messaging meeting was conducted with 2 of our Valuers and a Regional Manager.
    • A refocus session was carried out with our Valuers, on how auction can support in overcoming branch challenges to help win more, sell more, and make more.
    • A Negotiators refocus session was also planned, the training helped focus our Negotiators on the customer journey.
    • We have biweekly calls booked in with our Valuers and the iamproperty team. They help the team towards listing more and help us combat any challenges they may face along the way.
    • Marketing – We have been provided with a branded, buyers and sellers guide, branded Private Treaty vs Auction Timeline and a Microsite has been developed for the group specifically around auction.


The support we receive from Tom, Jack and the team is great, they are genuinely interested in working with us to ensure the best outcome for us both.

Jodi, Branch Manger

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