How movebutler's new portal supports the changing client journey

Agents are preparing for new guidance expected later this year from National Trading Standards on Material Information Parts B and C. This means the onboarding experience for clients will be changing. Our recently launched iamproperty client portal has been designed to not only support but also help agents benefit from this shift in what information is delivered to clients and when.

Everything in one place, where everyone can access it

Not only does the new client portal have an improved user experience and look but we have also created additional benefits with enhanced functionality. We have introduced an easy to navigate ‘to do’ list so clients can see what remains outstanding for onboarding and remaining steps can be completed quickly. All clients will have access to the full suite of functions, not just those originally invited to onboard online through a digital onboarding invitation.

If you have services such as client charging for compliance, or our method of sale audit enabled, everyone can now access these features to either complete payment or their method of sale questions.

Automatic prompts that negate the need to chase

Our new portal has been designed to accommodate the essential information required as part of the current industry hot topic – Material Information guidance – allowing you to keep track of compliance progress. All vendors can use the new system to submit this information digitally, removing the need to chase up outstanding paperwork and final reports are transferred back into the movebutler system, available to be reviewed at any time.

A light touch notification journey has also been added to the client portal, so clients are alerted when steps remain outstanding for their onboarding. This system will foster a more efficient and profitable operation, freeing up time for other tasks, and negating the need to chase outstanding actions. If you need an understanding of work in progress, you can track it through the client overview page.

One of the innovative aspects of our new platform is its presentation of additional services directly to clients, at the right moment. Clients can access these services at any time to update their preferences, taking away the need for you to chase those leads.

Future proofed for further changes

The legislative Material Information guidance from the National Trading Standards that covers ‘Part A’ has already been included in our system, but it has also been built so that when Parts B and C are published – expected at some point in 2023 – we will be able to update the portal swiftly.

We are also in the process of adding a new module for those of you with a financial service offering to help generate those extra leads, whether that’s for your nominated service provider or an in-house department, all at the right time.

Our team of onboarding specialists are also still available to help your client through the process, and support you to convert those additional service opportunities on your behalf.

Hundreds of branches are already benefiting from turning compliance from a cost to a profit and seeing even more revenue generated each month without effort. To see how much you could be earning with movebutler, have a go at our revenue calculator at:

Get your clients moving, faster!

Get your clients moving, faster!

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Get your clients moving, faster!

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