Turn off-market properties into sales

With our extensive off-market property database and predefined search filters, agents can dominate their local area while maximising ROI.

Helping you bring more instructions to market

Say goodbye to high-cost mass mailings. Instead, prospect at scale with hyper-targeted campaigns, helping your agency stand out from the crowd.

Starting with a simple postcode, refine your search criteria and target the right properties and prospects to maintain the right stock levels you desire.

Map search and filters

Increase ROI by 566% with hypertargeting

Hypertargeting is an effective marketing strategy where agents can clearly identify a target audience to deliver extremely relevant messages, at the perfect time and place.

Using customer segmentation, geo-targeting and sophisticated retargeting, all backed-up with real-time insights from the Marketing Toolkit dashboards.

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Target prospects when they are likely to move

We know market insights vary across regions, but research shows on average that people move every 16.8 years, and this is much lower for first time buyers.

Use the Marketing Toolkit’s ‘time off-market’ filters to target home owners who have not moved recently, to enhance your campaigns.

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Home anniversary

Stay in the minds of your past sellers

Keep in touch with potential future prospects by using Anniversary mailings to your past purchasers and landlords, on the anniversary of their move.

21% of sellers picked their agent because they used them previously* so sending an anniversary mailing will keep you at the forefront of their mind when they next come to sell.

search profiles

Use Search Profiles to streamline your campaigns

Build your ideal audience Search Profiles to attract the right clients and properties, to streamline campaign production and keep your stock levels high and balanced.

Save your ideal demographics, removing any unwanted characteristics, such as social housing, low value properties, low time on market and more, and apply to your off-market prospect search instantly.

Plus, we’ll work with you to get the right balance for your business, creating your very own ‘Likely Movers’ profiles.

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