Make your own rules

Whatever your size or requirements, our CRM works for you, just the way you want. With iamproperty CRM Automations, you can automate the tasks and processes that slow down your business – and enhance the bits that matter to you the most.

CRM should automate your day, not dictate it.

Every business is different, so we help you make your own rules. Run your business and your team, your way, with a wide range of useful features and over 1,800 tried and tested CRM automations and workflows.

Our CRM streamlines even the most difficult and time-consuming activities whilst transforming the digital experience for your clients.

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Communication is a breeze

Automate personalised SMS and emails easily, sending communications and documents to vendors, landlords, buyers, prospects and maintenance companies at the touch of a button.

Organising viewings is made simple with our CRM Automations workflows. With Online Bookings, viewings can be booked via your website and all parties will get confirmation of the appointment. And to reduce no-shows, you can even set up automatic reminder emails!

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Speed up lettings processes

Your property management processes are streamlined and compliant. Document, rent arrears and certificate notifications are automated, so you can ensure all parties are kept up to date, without lifting a finger.

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Streamline your lettings compliance

When compliance certificates are due, our CRM notifies the landlord, while letting the tenant know that the contractor will be in touch. It automatically creates the job in Property Management and notifies the contractor.

Once completed, the Contractor can arrange the appointment and update the certificate and the invoice to the Contractor Dashboard. And if the job is not completed within a specified time, reminders are automatically sent.

All the relevant documents are available instantly, invoices are matched to the iamproperty CRM Client Accounting module, and the tenants and landlords are updated.

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Supercharge your property advertising and applicant matching

When you advertise a property, the vendor will automatically get the link to the property listing, so they can view and approve the property details with ease before they are published on your website.

Meanwhile, the system’s Property Matching identifies applicants who may be interested and sends them the new property details. Or you can set up scheduled emails… Let’s say every Friday, applicants are sent all matching properties with the automation rule you’ve set up.

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Instant notification of offers, for everyone

Your CRM will automatically notify the vendor and applicant when an offer is made. After the agent has confirmed if the offer is accepted, automated emails are sent to both vendor and buyer, giving you one less thing to think about.

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The only limit is your imagination!

The only limit is your imagination!

Do things your way. Alongside our standard automation packages and thousands of existing rules, you can define you own automations. The limit really is your imagination!

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The only limit is your imagination!

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