Tech Talk: How a motivation mindset can accelerate your success

Hosted by Sarah Callender, COO from Duo Global Consulting and our very own Kelly Stillman, Head of Operations.

Our Tech Talk webinar series gives you deeper insights into the subjects featured in our Tech of a Life magazine, and for Edition 3 we’re exploring how agents can make sure they stay on the front foot through competitive times by finding new ways to thrive and accelerate their success.

In this session you’ll hear from Kelly Stillman, Head of Operations at iamproperty, and Sarah Callender, COO of Duo Global Consulting, about how a motivation-focused mindset can accelerate your success.

Understanding how different individuals are motivated and why consumers’ motivations run deeper than their need to buy and sell will give you the tools you need to tailor the transaction process to them for the best experience possible.

You’ll get an update from Kelly on agents and consumers’ motivations in today’s market, based on market insights, feedback from agents and key findings from our latest research on the conveyancing process. You’ll also hear from Sarah about how understanding client needs should go further than their motivations for buying and selling. Sarah will be explaining how Estate Agents can understand what motivates someone in terms of human interaction and their behaviours, to help agents better unpick how best to support successful customer relationships and win more business.