Connecting Conveyancers, Estate Agents and Clients

iamproperty movebutler, an end-to-end solution with Conveyancing at the heart.

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Connecting you with Estate Agents and Clients

Combining Compliance checks, Legal Preparation, Conveyancing and Surveys movebutler helps Estate Agents offer a transparent and seamless customer experience, from onboarding to completion.

For Conveyancers, that means connecting you to more Estate Agents and their clients, generating incremental business.

Sale-ready clients with more information upfront

Sale-ready clients with more information upfront

Title Register, Title Plan, Title insight report, Enhanced PIQ, Searches, and AML & Identity Verification*

Increased Referrals

Increased Referrals

Conveyancing quotes and service stats are presented to each client onboarding with your connected agent so you won’t miss a chance to quote

Enhanced communication**

Enhanced communication**

Delight your clients and keep everyone informed with simple-to-use dashboards.

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Want to connect with more Estate Agents?

By becoming part of our movebutler Managed Conveyancer Panel you will have to opportunity to work with more Estate Agents. Following a simple workflow and providing milestone updates, you’ll be able to quickly and easily communicate progress to all parties automatically, enhancing client satisfaction and reducing incoming status enquiries.

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Already working closely with an iamproperty Partner Agent?

If you currently work with an iamproperty Partner Agent, you can be added to their movebutler Conveyancing panel on a referral-only basis. This means there will be no additional fees and no additional SLAs. Once the instruction is passed to you, you continue to work with your local agent in the same way as you do now.

Become a Conveyancing Partner

If you have been asked to join iamproperty by your local Estate Agent, you can work with us on a referral-only basis, alternatively, you can join our panel as a movebutler Managed Conveyancer. As a movebutler Managed Conveyancer your clients will benefit from enhanced communications.

What our partner Conveyances say?

movebutler have identified a gap in the market for firms and estate agent who are not ‘fully panel managed’ and have created a fantastic solution helping to maintain existing relationships. This is invaluable in an ever-changing consumer market. We find working with movebutler seamless and we look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.

Laura Zielinski, Legal Director, Grey-Smith Legal

Why work with iamproperty?

With more information upfront including the Enhanced PIQ, and searches ordered on instruction, time-consuming tasks and lengthy processes are already in process when you are instructed.

During the movebutler onboarding process, automatic Title Checks are conducted. These validate the legal right to sell for all vendors and comply with AML regulations.

Receive a steady stream of instructions for no additional cost or investment.

Everything is in one place on an online platform, with the key milestones and outstanding tasks clearly communicated. Buyers, sellers and agents will all have the progress detail. As everyone is kept informed throughout the process, there is less need for additional telephone calls, so there is less admin and a quicker Conveyancing process.

Easier forecasting and consistent revenue with a simple fee scale that is agreed on upfront, meaning you will always achieve the same net retained fee.

All customers complete comprehensive AML checks including Risk Assessment and Identification Verification which you can access straight away, so you don’t need to carry out additional checks yourself.

Find out more about becoming a Conveyancing Partner

Request a call back from our Conveyancing Team to find out how you can become a movebutler Partner Conveyancer

* AML & Identity Verification are supplied to movebutler Managed Conveyancers only. ** movebutler Manged Conveyancers only.