Streamlining your inspections process

With the introduction of the Inspections module, property managers can now carry out all their day-to-day admin tasks within our CRM.

This integrated, comprehensive solution allows you to carry out inspections, check-ins, and inventories from within iamproperty CRM. Meaning there’s no need for additional third-party add-ons, saving you time and additional costs. And working in the same way as our core CRM solution, it’ll be easy for your team to get up and running, helping you to streamline processes and save money.

The new look inspection dashboard allows you to easily see all your pending and upcoming appointments. You’ll be able to add and setup new inspections, and access reports, all through one central location, with a handy link through to the property records.

Including a comprehensive range of tools to help you streamline your inspections setup process. You can import the rooms from the property record, streamlining the room setup up. Alternatively, there is a configuration tool which allows you to create templates for your standard property types. So, for example, if most of your stock is 3 bed furnished properties, you can create this as a template with all the rooms and standard furnishing checks already populated. And when you’ve setup an inspection, you simply apply the template and amend the details to match the exact requirements, speeding up the process and giving you full control.

The mobile-first technology simplifies the on-site inspection process too. It walks you through the rooms, allowing you to take pictures and add descriptions using any device as you go. It also records all the necessary checks directly within the system, reducing your admin time when your back in the office.

Once you have completed the report, you can quickly and easily create and send a report with any images or notes you have taken to the landlord and tenants.
You can even save time on your admin tasks by configuring automatic reminders to the landlord and tenants prior to the appointments, keeping everyone in the loop.

With these new updates your inspections process is now streamlined and efficient, and your team freed up from unnecessary admin tasks.

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