movebutler Product Spotlight March 23 Edition

Spotlight on the latest developments to your movebutler platform.

We’re committed to ongoing innovation to iamproperty movebutler to ensure your, and your clients, experience is the best it can be.

Here, we put a spotlight on some of our latest enhancements:

Enhancing your clients onboarding journey, with the movebutler client portal

Our new client portal allows you to unlock additional benefits for all your clients, no matter how they have been onboarded.

Each of your clients will be able to log in and clearly see any actions that are outstanding and require their attention.

Identity Verification client charging – now available for all clients

With the new client dashboard, you can now enable client charging, for compliance, for all clients whether they were onboarded digitally or in-platform.

The easy-to-use online payment tool will let them log in to make the payment, plus reminders will be sent automatically, so you don’t have to chase – one less thing on the to-do list!

Maximise add-on service referrals

Post onboarding, the new client dashboard allows easy access to add-on services, which clients can review at their leisure. So, if you haven’t offered Conveyancing or Surveys when onboarding or if they have uploaded their solicitor and want to change, or chose to decide later, they can now re-visit the information and can instruct a Solicitor or request a Survey call directly from their dashboard.

Simplified notifications

We’ve simplified both the types of notifications and how they are delivered. So, clients will now have access to key outstanding actions, now listed on their dashboard and reminders will all be on one email; reducing the number of emails your clients receive and making it clearer what needs to be done to get their sale moving.

Reduce withdrawals and evidence your clients moving preferences with the Method of Sale Audit

A super easy way to capture and evidence your clients’ moving preferences and keep you compliant with TPO guidelines.

The Method of Sale Audit is a quick in platform survey that lets you quickly and easily check your client’s moving priorities, and helps you ensure they are being onboarded for the right service.

If you are already using our iamsold auction service, the seller will be shown all available sales methods matching their circumstances. They can also request more information and a follow-up if their property has not sold within 30 days. This will help reduce the risk of the seller withdrawing their property and may help you boost your auction referrals, giving you even more opportunities to engage with your client.

If you are not using iamsold, you will still have access to this valuable circumstance data.

If you would like to get more information about the Method of Sale Audit or to activate it for your branch Contact us on 0191 731 9216

In-platform support and knowledgebase

Our new help and support features give you access to even more information and tools designed to help you find the information you need when you need it.

With suggested articles and a searchable Knowledge Base, you can access helpful articles and guides including additional help on how to use the system and answers to Compliance FAQs. And if you can’t find what you are looking for, you can contact our product support team via the online chatbox.

Easier access to core admin information

Core admin information is now more visible and easier to access in the control panel.

From the new iamproperty ‘My Account’ menu, you can now manage your iamproperty branches, accounts and staff, view and buy more credits, and view billing and invoices online. Making it much easier to manage your iamproperty account.


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